JogPost hires extremely fit and healthy people who jog and post your marketing materials from door to door or business to business.

Our leaflet distributors get paid to keep fit. They move faster than walking distributors, so can be twice as productive. We can afford to pay a higher hourly wage quite simply because they distribute more leaflets per hour.

Our supervisors are not freelancers contracted to get their own workers in to do the job, they work directly for us for an hourly wage and we provide the team members, as a result they have absolutely nothing to gain from cutting corners. Instead of having their own interests at heart they have the company's and our clients'. Their only job is to spend the entire distribution day driving between the joggers knocking on doors making sure the right number of leaflets go through each door, making sure every road gets ticked off the list, making sure the guys keep up the pace and work until the end of the day.